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By jksswimschool, Apr 10 2015 03:07PM

Many parents regularly ask me what they can do to help their children become happy, confident swimmers, so here's my best advice...

* I realise many families are super busy and have lots of other activities to pack into their schedules, but the number 1 best thing you can do, is to have a regular family swim. The best family swims involve lots of of fun, giggles and games. It is a great activity that everyone can take part in, including younger siblings and grandparents. It is important that there is a big differnce between the child's weekly lesson and their family swim. The children should be allowed to play and have fun rather than being forced to practise skills from their lesson. Family swims are perfect for children to learn to love being in water and it is far more important for them to play and build up water confidence, than to repeat what they did in their lesson that week.

*Bath time is perfect for practising bubbles, gettting faces wet and perfecting those leg kicks. Jugs, watering cans, squirty toys and sinking toys can all be used in the bath to build up water confidence. Being in the bath is a safe environment that children are used to being in, so for nervous swimmers especially, it is a great time to talk about the child's swimming lesson and practice some skills from it.

*Books/magazines/television are all great ways to start a discussion about swimming. For more advanced swimmers, it is great for them to watch swimming competitions on television, for them to see what their strokes should look like and to motivate them. For swimmers just starting out on their aquatic journey, books and magazines are fabulous for teaching about water safety. Copy and paste this link into your browser http://childrensbooksdaily.com/top-5-books-about-learning-to-swim/ to find some suggestions about good books about swimming.

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