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By jksswimschool, Nov 20 2014 10:01PM

On a weekly basis, I am asked by the parents of my swimmers, for my opinion on wearing goggles during swimming lessons. It is an ongoing debate, which is argued fiercely by swimming teachers across the world.

Pro's of wearing goggles:

-No more sore eyes (no one likes chlorine in their eyes!)

-Can help nervous children over come their fear of getting their face wet

-Opens up a whole new exciting under water world

-Can lead to a great improvement in stroke technique as children forget about their eyes and think more about their swimming

-Prescription goggles are great for children who normally wear glasses

Con's of wearing goggles:

-Children have a tendency to mess with them

-Can waste valuable lesson time due to the teacher having to alter them

-Children can get more frustrated when they are ill fitting and leak

-Children become reliant on them and won't swim properly without them

So which side am I on then? I think goggles are a great accessory and as soon as children are starting to learn their strokes, I think they should be worn. I personally wouldn't want to swim with my face in the water for 30 mins, so I wouldn't expect my swimmers to. Ill fitting goggles cause many problems in lessons though, so I would always advise parents to buy good quality goggles and practice with them in in the bath until the children get used to them. I understand parents fear of their children getting in to difficulty in water and not being able to swim because they haven't got their goggles, so I always teach personal survival and pj's lessons without goggles. I also strongly believe that if children did get into difficulty, that their instinct would take over and they would swim just as well without their goggles.

If you would like more information about the best goggles to choose and how to wear them correctly, please let me know.

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